Integrated Energy Solutions

Sustainable, Low Impact Philosophy

There is a Gap

From a cost and benefit standpoint – between the latest LED technology available today and what is installed in the majority of commercial properties.

Federal Lighting Illumination Capital

. . . closes the gap by helping commercial property owners and managers understand how an integrated energy solution will enhance the value of their properties by

Reducing Operational Costs

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Providing a unique and flexible solution,
fully customized to each building’s specific use and design.

How We Do It

Educate The Buyer

There is lack of understanding of the latest, cutting edge commercial LED technology in today’s marketplace. It is critically important buyers are educated about a range of varying commercial LED products currently available, as well as FlowLighting’s unique product suite. Our LED education includes: 1) the basics of LED technology, 2) energy efficiency savings, 3) maintenance / replacement savings, and 4) current State and Federal REBATES for installation of “green” LED technology.

Compare The Products

Once the buyer is educated about the benefits of LED technology, it is time to compare their existing legacy solution to a FlowLighting-based suite of high-performance, commercial-grade LED fixtures with on-board sensors, controls, logic and wireless communications systems. We will show how FlowLighting’s QuickLED®, QuickLED Auto™ and SmartNET LED® product offerings will optimize illumination while minimizing energy costs.

Identify The Financing Solution

Once the buyer understands the advantages of a FlowLighting-based solution, the conversation will lead to a lifetime cost analysis. 49% of commercial building managers have listed installation costs as the #1 deterent for this energy efficient measure. Through our new financing options, the ROI has decreased from 7 1/2 years to 3 years, and the lifespan has increase from 10 years to 15 years. This supports a viable long-term solution that is immediately cash flow positive from day 1 of installation.




FLIC Group is an Integrated Energy Solutions company focused on achieving significant energy reduction and cost savings for our customers while maintaining a Sustainable, low impact philosophy in order to minimize the carbon footprint. The energy and utility industries have entered a period of significant change, kicking into motion a set of new and rapidly growing market opportunities.

With backgrounds in the Financial Services industry, FLIC Group management built successful careers through service, integrity, and trust. We use these principles as a foundation for the core values of the company in conducting business.