Indoor Agriculture

The Future

The future is changing for Cannabis businesses and growers will be facing increasingly more competition. When Colorado legalized marijuana, it was selling for approx $4,000 per lb, now it is selling for around $900 per lb. Some reputable cannabis leaders even believe that it could drop to $300 per lb in 3 years.
In order to survive, growers will need to be more productive, efficient, and cost conscious. Spending 40% of their operating costs on energy will be suicidal.

Integrated Energy Solutions

FLIC Group offers Integrated Energy Solutions to help growers reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, to improve margins and make them stronger, and able to survive in a environmentally favorable way.
Lowering electricity costs by 50% can be achieved through a myriad of steps.

What We Offer

Cannabis / Indoor Ag

LED Lighting

LED lights are far more efficient, and technological advances have been made to provide growers the highest yields possible in any grow light system. Because plants respond to light spectrum differently at various biologic stages such as rooting, vegetative growth and budding, our lights can be programmed to deliver the maximum amount of photons at the proper wavelengths for the specific stage of growth while using 50% less energy than traditional light systems. And since they use less power, they emit far less heat, requiring significantly less HVAC and consequently less dehumidification equipment. Many utilities have incentive programs to help deflect the cost of the lights which we will work with to maximize the benefits. We also offer conventional grow light fixtures – Metal Halide HPS Govita type 1000Watt double ended lights and Ceramic Metal Halide 630 watt CMH fixtures – for those focused on traditional methods from our partners McWong Electric.

Cannabis / Indoor Ag

Solar Power

Many states are requiring that cannabis companies use 40% of their energy from renewable energy sources by 2023, solar power is a perfect alternative for cannabis businesses. We can work with businesses to design, construct, and finance solar alternatives for lease or purchase taking advantage of utility and state incentives and rebate programs to minimize out of pocket payments. Solar power can reduce energy costs up to 100% during peak hours and helps lower utility costs significantly.

Cannabis / Indoor Ag

Modular Construction

We are affiliated with one of the largest modular construction companies specializing in designing and building clean & smart room environments. They have constructed numerous clean grow rooms in Massachusetts, Hawaii, Nevada, and California in a environmentally clean manner according to LEED standards which can help mitigate risk of contaminants, mold, pesticides, fungus and other problems effecting grow operations. Additionally, they can complete their work 75% faster than traditional construction methods and firms, allowing plants to be in the ground up to 6 months earlier than typical methods. Time is money in the grow business, at a cost that is comparable to standard work.

Cannabis / Indoor Ag

Battery Storage

Technological advances in the battery systems can offer tremendous savings in storing solar energy. First, the cost of using battery storage during peak hours is up to 3x lower than the peak usage rates. Additionally battery storage provides added security as a backup source in the event of power interruptions, stoppages or problems.

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