Core Values

Our Experience

Danny Hurwitz and Jay Sheehan bring a combined 50+ years of experience working in the Financial Services industry for top Wall Street firms, including Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Cantor Fitzgerald, and BTIG.
The core values they have instilled with them – professionalism, integrity, service and trust – are the principles that are the foundation of the formation of FLIC Group. We will conduct our business in a manner consistent with these traits, ensuring our customers the highest level of service, reliability, dependability, and quality.
Our success is predicated on the success of our customers.
Core Values

Our Focus

FLIC Group will analyze and understand your needs for how to best serve your energy through a renewable energy prism, while delivering maximized cost savings utilizing all government and private sponsored tax incentives, rebates, and programs.

Led by an experienced team of experts in various fields we can bring together the resources to meet all of the needs of private and public enterprises with a specific focus on the Horticultural and Hydroponic business, which is afflicted with a predominant portion of their operating budget dedicated towards utility and power generation.

Core Values

Business Relationships

Our partners include leaders in the fields of renewable energy for Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and Battery Storage. We are also aligned with a commercial real estate entity that affords us a unique position within the market, allowing proactive targeting and intelligence through proprietary software to fulfill the growing number of scalable high revenue PPA opportunities available through the US.

Core Values

Our Mantra

“Stop, Look and Listen”



. . . at every junction crossed during the task.
Take time to make the decisions right the first time.
Make sure you are 100% confident of the results before stepping off the curb into action.


. . . at every project as a unique opportunity to serve our customers, and ask:
Will we achieve the results expected?
Are we proud to attach our name to the project?
Have we met or exceeded the goals of our customer?
Does the project align with previous accomplishments?


. . . to all partners in the project.
Make sure all suppliers and contractors are satisfied.
Work hand-in-hand with utility companies to answer all concerns.
Communicate with the customer throughout each step of the process.
Educate the client before the process begins and answer all questions correctly, in a timely and professional manner.

Leave nothing a mystery.

Transparency is our ultimate goal.

There will be no gray area.

Every phase of our business practice will be black and white.


As the leading distributor of innovative commercial LED lighting and renewable energy solutions:

Our company begins and ends with our customers.
Our main goal is to provide them with unique products designed to enhance the value of their properties.
Our manufacturers are critical to innovation.
We forge strategic partnerships designed to create lasting value for our customers.
Our product offerings are revolutionary.
We only select products that result in the highest reduction of operational costs, maximum energy efficiency and providing owners the greatest technological advantage in operating their properties.
Core Values